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Hello Beautiful Soul. Welcome to Karen Tamaklo Tantra!


Are you wondering what my journey to a juicy, expansive integrated practice of Tantra, Meditation and Yoga was? Well, when I tell people that I pretty much always knew that tantra existed I frequently get a look of concern, intrigue and perplexity. Through an environment of social, cultural and political awareness I knew it existed when I was young(ish), but like most people thought it was mainly sexual so had no interest in it apart from knowing that it proposed a different way of connecting with others.  I always felt that there had to be a deep, heart-led paradigm for relating, beyond the status quo. I knew, with certainty, on pondering the meaning of life at around 6 years old, that we were all here to love each other as much as possible. Later I felt an intuitive gravitation towards tantra, as it seemed to resonate with some of my deepest values.


Starting to practice yoga, in 2002, was as a revelation, when for the first time ever I was able to drop thoughts and anxiety, through surrender, intention and self-permission, and connect with an innate peacefulness and relaxation.

In 2011 I was introduced to mindfulness meditation which I used to change my behaviour and cognition. I was again amazed at how diligence and focus could change the 'story' that had become my identity. The world became even more vividly and vibrantly coloured and I was hooked on the extraordinary potential of transformative personal practices.


I started exploring tantra properly- reading, going to workshops, festivals, classes and joining groups, in about 2011, and felt like I'd come home. It made so much sense to practice tantra to sensitise, cultivate more presence, awaken sensuality, dive in to more self-love, be more playful, explore energetic and emotional flow and start to adore connecting with others on the highest level possible.


I'd love to share those gifts of expansion, opening, increased sensuality, self-expression and ultimate bliss with you too! x

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So what does the name Karen Tamaklo mean?

Well Karen is a form of the Scandinavian- Katherine, meaning 'PURE' and Tamakloe is a family name that's an 'Akan expression of valour and gallantry'. So in all it means the purity of creation and destruction- much like what the Goddess Kali signifies.

It's a beautiful reminder that to grow we need to allow the falling away of the old to allow & create the new.