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By Karen Tamaklo, Dec 31 2019 12:00PM

You're in the throws of passion and know that a strategic and vigourous caress of certain body parts will elicit a slippery or stiff precursor to penetrative sex. What if you could slow everything down, so that you increase the potential for shiver inducing full body ecstasy?

Here are 3 ways to awaken electric energy through female breast massage and 3 ways at the male pole, the perenium, through conscious touch.

Awakening through the breasts:




Awakening through the perenium:




Enjoy awakening your cosmic erotic energy!

With love

Karen Tamaklo xx

By Karen Tamaklo, Mar 26 2016 12:55PM

Bridging Hedonic and Eudaimonic happiness in Tantra!

The hedonistic experience of sexual (and spiritual) connection in love-making is amongst the most delicious human experiences there are. After love-making, when hormone levels subside (differentially in men and women), juicy physiological responses diminish and the waves of deep physical pleasure come to a restful lapping through our bodies, there sometimes feels the impulse of attachment to this experience and the desire for it to last indefinitely.

What if we could bridge this relatively short-lived (even in 5-hour tantric love-making!) experience with a more foundational, consistent eudaimonic happiness through living tantra in every moment?

To achieve living tantra in our daily lives we can employ the following 6 practices and strategies:

1. Bhakti Yoga- seeing the divine beauty in everything and everyone. Take a picture of something beautiful, let someone know 5 things you like or love about them or find something that makes you smile out in nature or the city.

2. Conscious and authentic communication to ensure deeper connection with ourselves and others. When something comes up between you and another person you may want to try:

2.1 Assessing if the thing you want to share is necessary, compassionate and authentic, if it is then try to communicate it bravely.

2.2 Practice radical honesty, where you commit to tell the truth no matter how difficult it may be. Use the Hendricks body knowledge strategy to feel into how you physically feel about a situation and how communicating it can release tension and contraction around the issue.

2.3 Compassionate communication gives us a framework for communicating. Briefly this involves 1. Stating the fact e.g. when you interrupt me when I’m speaking 2. Saying what you feel e.g. I feel like you aren’t listening and aren’t interested in what I have to say, 3. Speak what you need e.g. I need to feel seen and heard, 4. Ask the other to consider doing something to honour your need e.g. Would you consider allowing me to finish when I speaking and would you mirror back what I’ve said so I know you understand and are listening fully?

2.4 Be mindful of how you communicate with the other gender, as men and women, in a very generalised way, tend to communicate differently.

3. Honouring our creativity and playfulness- as author of The Artists Way, Julia Cameron advises, make an artist’s date. Once a week give yourself permission to do something creative, musical, dance-related, playful or new and different. This stimulates the creative right side of our minds and allows us to open channels to more pleasure.

4. Checking in daily, through journaling and meditation, to ensure that we are living in harmony with our deepest intuition, values and beliefs, and that those values and beliefs are in alignment with our highest selves. Also when checking in, allow any feelings to exist without judgement and resistance so they can flow through you freely.

5. Karma Yoga- once our own vessels (our souls, spirit, whatever you identify as your juicy, vital core) are full, through self-love and self-care, we can offer service to others. Doing something outside of ourselves, with no attachment to the outcome is one of the most important things we can do to ensure we live in happiness.

6. Gratitude- start and end the day by thinking about and just speaking out loud 3 things that you are grateful for and 3 things you appreciate about yourself.

So seeing beauty, creating open and compassionate communication, honouring your creativity, connecting with your deepest selves, doing things for others and practicing active gratitude are, in my opinion, the most effective ways to live with eudaimonic happiness and an openness to the flow of infinite pleasure in life.

To bridge this larger eudaimonic happiness with your shorter-lived hedonic happiness you can bring these practices, above, in to moments of pleasure, for example:

-Savour that chocolate truffle that you are eating. Eat it slowly and notice the texture, temperature, sweetness, smell and appearance. Share it with your lover.

-Meditate together and see the divine beauty in your lover.

-In love-making be present in every moment and allow creativity to prevail- each touch and kiss is an invitation to something unknown like a freestyle dance.

-Once a week communicate, verbally or otherwise, how you feel before, during and after lovemaking.

-Notice if your intimate connection with another makes you feel amazing at your core. Do you open and feel alive or feel contracted and negative? Listen to your body and explore what it is telling you about your experience.

-Give gratitude for your experience, your lover, the space you are in and anything else you notice.

Just try bringing in one practice in each week, a little at a time.

An orgasmic life is sure to follow such authentic connection, presence and openness to beauty.

Here’s to your hedonic and eudaimonic happiness!

Karen Tamaklo xx

By guest, Feb 6 2016 11:00AM

Cocoa brings heightened sensual experience, creative stimulation and energetic elevation. Come with me to delve in to the sacred and scientific virtues of cocoa and it's use in tantra.

Gliding on the warm tropical breeze a pollinator, intoxicated by the fragrance of the cocoa tree, drinks from flower to flower. The young delicate white and yellow flowers, springing straight from the bark of the tree, give no indication of the sensational properties of cocoa (the virgin, raw starting point of conventional chocolate). It is these elevating and subtly transformative virtues that make it an ideal 'medicine' and muse in cocoa ceremonies.

How do you use cocoa ceremonially you ask? And can I just light an incense stick and dribble a melted bar of Dairy Milk into my gob? Read on beloved and you'll find out how to alter your mind and body (legally) and how eating cocoa shouldn't be a guilty pleasure but a wonderful gift to yourself. (Woohoo, I hear you cheer fellow goddesses). Drink deep; its seriously good stuff!

Cocoa Ceremonies

The home of cocoa being Central & South America, is of course where Mayan and Aztek ceremonies and rituals involving cocoa originated and continue to be conducted. This timelessly luxurious fruit, in red, purple, orange, green and yellow hues, creates a drink of ceremonial grade raw cocoa (28g-56g together with water, chilli, honey or medicinal herbs) that is taken before lying down (or meditating) and letting the cocoa start moving in your body, this is followed by sitting in a circle and sharing your feelings with others and then a number of other exercises can be undertaken to start creating openness to the teachings of our highest selves and hearts. This is conducted in a held 'temple' space with a facilitator or guide in order to help you expand consciousness and ease open your heart chakra. Then follows dancing or other movement in order to allow energy to flow. It is said that this three to seven hour ceremony allows you to confront difficult emotions and release them, and what better way than through love- as the traditional name for cocoa is xocoatl or 'heart blood'.

Sacred properties of Cocoa in Tantra

A profusion of energy erupts and flows through each of your divine cells. Sounds excellent doesn't it? Well this is one of the many effects of what is also otherwise known (from Latin nomenclature) as 'Food of the Gods' or Theobroma cacao, when ingested consciously and with the intention of transmuting its physical properties into energetic fireworks. Cocoa's aphrodisiac properties also make it perfect for integration into tantric ceremonies, as it can stimulate sensual awakening. Cocoa has been used the world round as a gift of love to our beloveds and it's no wonder, as it gets the heart racing and induces feelings of pleasure and calm at the same time. To support our tantric journeys cocoa can help open us to more connection with ourselves and others and tap into our intuitive knowing. When we are also able to peel back the layers of ego and emotional amour we can dive more deeply into tantra with more presence and authenticity.

Scientific characteristics of Cocoa

The cocoa pods are fermented and air dried before the little bursts of power- the nibs, are ground, and then the alchemy begins. Cocoa is rich in the serotonin precursor tryptophan, antioxidants and micronutrients. High quality raw cocoa is where it’s at in terms of nutritional density- within it, invigorating iron carries oxygen in blood; flavinols and selenium give radiant skin, magnesium, manganese and copper help with metabolism and energy liberation. In it's dark 70%+ form it can also lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease (via it's polyphenols), and there’s a generous amount more going on in cocoa besides!

In my 'Explore Tantra Introductory Workshops' we'll have a foray in to the creative elevation, heart-opening and cell tingling effects of cocoa, before we let the music guide us to ecstasy. It would be wonderful to see you there. There's more information here.

I wish you happiness, abundance and balance.

Karen Tamaklo xx

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