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By KarenTamaklo, Feb 5 2017 04:10PM

As I bathed myself with organic rose, under a warm sensual shower, I felt tingling waves of anticipation and excitement about the session I was going to be having with exquisitely skilful male energy and tantra practitioner Rohan.

I've known about tantra for the greater part of my life, even as a teenager, but was always put off by the misconception that it was just about decadent sexual practices and not much else. When I explored more deeply in to tantra I found out how it could help in experiencing life more fully- in technicolor; facilitate being more in touch with our desires, heal trauma, give tools for communicating more authentically and provide enumerable doorways to deep intimacy and connection, amongst many other things. I felt like I'd found everything I was looking for to guide me in building amazing relationships, with myself and others.

So after years of reading about tantra, attending events, festivals and workshops, doing an 18 month course, then starting to teach it myself, I decided I wanted to focus on tapping even deeper emotionally and higher energetically. I knew that I was 'living tantra' in a way that felt beautiful and aligned through meditation, yoga, breathwork, journaling, healing and self-care practices, tantra community connections, conscious relating, and other things. And in wanting to really let go of resistance, unhelpful behaviours, emotional stuckness and challenge in really surrendering and receiving, I knew I wanted a powerful and intuitively guided experience.

I chose Rohan. I trusted my intuition that he had the patience and tenderness to facilitate the expressing of whatever transpired and to allow it to naturally course through me, and that he had the strength to hold a loving and secure space for me to anchor in.

With Rohan I was able to dive into and explore an exquisite spring of shuddering pleasure, deeper sexual empowerment, opening to emotional flow more (whether challenging or blissful) and I experienced the most placid relaxation. I confronted what's referred to as my 'shadow' aspects- parts of myself that I had disowned or ignored (like neediness, strong desire or the powerful ejaculating goddess). I saw these things in me and owned them. This sacred space felt incredibly safe and was there for me to experience and explore in.

So what happened in the session? Well, after I emerged from my shower, sheathed in a sarong, we both moved freely in a dynamic mediation, in order to get out of over-thinking and into our bodies. We moved into gentle exercises to connect us, and then followed honouring hours of bodywork- touch, massage, breathing, opening, awakening, tears of release, mercurial orgasmic tears, dissolving...deep pleasure.

Several times during my session, which felt more like a ceremony, I felt excitement begin to rise as soft, gentle, warm rolls of pleasure and then dissipate as it reached my crown, before turning into the deepest relaxation. Breathing was key here. We all probably take breathing for granted most of the time, but it strongly moves energy around the body and can be the key to a mind alteringly explosive experience in tantra.

As the session eased to a close there came a gentle subsiding of the joyful interplay between my being and Rohan's persistent dedication to my journey of pleasure. I lay absorbing it all and the resonance of the last few hours enveloped my senses.

My afterglow, I'm sure, was radiating into space.

I'm gently transformed. My heart is more open; my senses more awakened, my threshold for pleasure a step more elevated and my ability to fully receive from an emotionally present, devoted, honouring and skilful man has facilitated the creation of an exceptional new adventure in my journey.

You can explore and book with Rohan, if you feel called, by emailing him at or by visiting . He works internationally, and is regularly in London, and from 2017 also in Thailand.

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